10 Funny Road Signs from Bhutan

The Land of The Thunder Dragon, as the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan’s full name translates into English, has famo


Today, driving in Bhutan comes attached with an unexpected pleasure: some very quirky, funny, blunt and occasionally profound roadside signs.

The signs are in English, they lack punctuation, but are consistently memorable. Here, rhyming works: ‘Don’t hurry, be cool, since heaven is already full’, ‘Going faster will see disaster’,‘On the bend, go slow friend’, ‘More you speed, more you skid.’ ‘Eager to last then why fast’. Fair warnings. Some remind you of something you should already know: ‘Mountains are pleasure only if you drive with leisure’. Others, leaves little to the imagination: ‘Be gentle on my curves.’ That’s some sign, huh?! Then, there are the simple, Buddhist, and succinct ones like: ‘Nature does not hurry yet everything is accomplished.’

On any travel tours in this beautiful country, you’ll be chuckling upon reading the road signs along the way. No kidding!

Have a dekko!


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