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Embark on an unforgettable trip and discover two Middle Eastern jewels: Oman and Saudi Arabia.

Until recently closed to foreigners, now investing billions in tourism, Saudi Arabia is a place dazzling in its power of change. A country built with oil money, now aiming to turn green with hundreds of renewable energy projects planned and in progress. A deeply conservative place, now with a modern air and a cosmopolitan feel. Only a few years back allowing women to simply be, now encouraging them to be whatever they wanna be. 

Join us on a memorable trip to Saudi Arabia and Oman.

Soak up breathtaking canyon views, go 4WD driving in places of unparalleled beauty, stop at remote villages some more than 400 years old, discover UNESCO World Heritage Sites like Al Ula and At-Turaif, wonder around ancient fortresses and traditional markets, and come back with unforgettable stories.

Read more on Oman and Saudi Arabia in Carol Vorvain's latest book:  Omsaruz. Humorous tales from Oman, Saudi Arabia and Uzbekistan.


Day 1: Welcome to Muscat!

Arrive at Muscat International Airport where you will be warmly welcomed by your private guide. Banish your jet lag with a delicious breakfast and a cup of traditional Omani coffee.

The rest of the afternoon is free for you to relax and gather your strength.

We'll meet again in the evening for a walk around Mutrah Corniche, a 2 km easy stroll with nice views of the Sultan's boat and the Muscat Fort. At night, the fountains light up, and the whole place takes on a romantic glow. 

Day 2&3: Explore Muscat

Today there will be an early start. The Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque is opened to foreigners only in the morning from 8:30 to 11 am. This stunning white mosque, mainly made of marble, has one of the largest Persian carpets in the world, weighing 600 tonnes of fine wool and cotton, in 28 colors and was made by 600 female weavers. 

Please remember that in all mosques in Oman and Saudi Arabia, men need to cover their knees, and women need to cover their head, shoulders and legs.

We'll continue our visit to Royal Opera House, located in the Shati Al-Qurm district in Muscat.

We'll stop by Muscat Exhibition of Musical Arts, a fascinating, interactive museum where you will definitely want to spend more than a couple of hours.

The next day, we'll visit Muttrah Fort and Al-Bustan (Old Muscat) district and shop for souvenirs in the oldest souk of Muscat.

Day 4: Arrive to Nizwa

Today we will drive 2 hrs to Nizwa, stopping in the historical village of Birkat al Mouz . We'll walk through its incredible date palm oasis and enjoy our lunch at Bait al Sabah, a lovely café and guesthouse.

Day 5&6: Explore Nizwa

Some of the places we will show you:

  • Nizwa Fort for a 360-degree view of the city
  • Nizwa Souk and, if we are there on a Friday, the goat market
  • Al Qala’a Mosque
  • Al Saifi factory and shop to see the process of making omani halva.

Day 7: Explore the surroundings of Bukhara

Our plan is to drive to Jibreen castle, a 350-year-old palace built for the Yaruba dynasty.

Then, from Jibreen, we will make our way to Bahla Fort. This immense citadel was built for the riotously wealthy Nabhani kings some 700 years ago.

Day 8: Hiking time

Who never heard of Misfat al Abryeen? If you didn't, don't worry. We'll take you there but, we are not sure if you will ever want to leave.

Misfat al Abryeen is one of Oman’s oldest and most picturesque villages. From the modern side of the village there are fantastic views of the old village clinging to the mountainside and surrounded by lush date palms. Walking through the oasis exchanging salaams with strangers, will be the highlight of your day.

Day 9: Drive through the epic Al Hajar Mountains

Al Hajar Mountains are the highest mountain range within the eastern Arabian Peninsula. The roads are winding and narrow, many times only one lane, and to cross them you need a 4WD and an experienced driver. But don't worry, you are in good hands and you'll have a memorable experience.

Tonight you will sleep in a beautiful small hotel with an outdoor pool, surrounded by mountains and nothing else in sight.

Day 10: Drive to Al Hamra

Today is another day of more epic drives. We are on our way to Jebel Shams, the highest mountain of the Hajar range.

Day 11: Hike in Jebel Shams

Jebel Shams Balcony Walk is a beautiful 7 km walk. It is fairly easy and extremely scenic. On the way you will see a few tiny stone and mud houses perch precariously on the edge of the canyon under a ledge of rock. It’s unbelievable that people lived in such a harsh environment.

Day 12: Spend the night in Wakan Village

As we make our way back to Muscat, we'll visit the beautiful Wakan Village, famous for its fruit terrace farming.

Tonight we'll sleep at the sweet Sama Wakan Heritage Hotel. Rooms are basic but comfortable, with added heritage details. It is also the only place to eat in the village, and a simple (but very tasty!) dinner and breakfast are included.

Day 13: Drive back to Muscat 

Day 14: Fly to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Day 15&16&17: Explore Riyadh

In three days, we'll attempt to cover the most important and beautiful places in Riyadh.

A few highlights:

Kingdom center Tower Sky Bridge. Open from midday until night, the tower, accessed through a massive mall, offers stunning views over the city. It is an ideal place to watch the sunset.

The Boulevard area with its many glitzy restaurants. 

Murabba Historical Palace, built by King Abdulaziz in the early 20th century, and the Masmak fort.

Abdulaziz Historical Center and the National Museum.

Deera Square, popularly called Chop Chop Square by Westerners. This is where public executions, such as beheading, took place. You can actually stand on the exact spot where they actually happened and walk over the blood drainers, or we could skip it. Up to you.

Old City of Ad Diriyah, a UNESCO World Heritage site famous for its rich history, culture, unique art, and traditional mud-brick buildings that transport you back in time.

Day 18: Fly to Tabuk

Day 19&20: Drive to Al Disah oasis & Jebel Al-Lawz

With its never-ending winding roads, the drive up the mountains is really fascinating.

The highest viewpoint where we will get to is just over 2,000 meters above sea level. From there we'll have incredible aerial views of other rocky mountains.

Day 21: Drive to Al Ula

Day 22&23: Explore Al Ula

A few highlights:

Welcome to Saudi Arabia’s premier tourist attraction: Madain Saleh/ Hegra. Anciently known as Hegra or Al-Hijr, is the largest conserved site of the civilization of the Nabataeans south of Petra in Jordan. It features a total of 111 well-preserved monumental tombs, some with decorated facades, carved into perpendicular cliffs and dating from the 1st century BC to the 1st century AD. 

Jabal Ikmah, an open air library, tucked away in a remote canyon valley, featuring one of the oldest inscriptions of the Islamic era dating back to 24AH (644 CE).

Elephant Rock, a spectacular rock formation resembling an elephant with its trunk touching the ground.

Maraya building. Maraya means mirror in Arabic and is the largest building globally, covered with mirrors, a record certified by the Guinness Book. 9740 mirror panels were used in this miraculous construction. Maraya Al Ula is located in the Ashar Valley desert canyon, and its purpose was to reflect the surrounding landscape and be a venue for significant events.

Al Ula Old town. Inhabited from the 12th century to the end of the 20th century, it comprises about 900 houses, all connected, which means that the inhabitants were trying to protect themselves from unwanted guests, turning the town into a kind of fortification. 

Day 24 Fly to Jeddah

In the evening, walk around the corniche to see Al Rahma Floating Mosque.

Day 25 Explore the old Jeddah

Visit Al Balad, an endless maze of towering houses with intricate woodwork, a beautiful example of Hejazi architecture.

Day 26 Fly back home

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Our hand-picked 3 and 4 stars hotels offer excellent service and are set in beautiful locations.

Guide, Driver and Transportation. Just RELAX!

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