5 Quick Things to Know About Bhutan



In Bhutan the traditional outfits are not just for special occasions, they are worn all the time: for work, school, visiting Buddhists sites. When you travel to Bhutan you see people wearing them out and about.

Women wear the Kira, a long ankle length dress and a light outer jacket, covered in beautiful patterns that brighten up any day.

Even Princess Kate had slipped out of her Emilia Wickstead yellow coat dress and straight into a Bhutanese “kira.”

The men wear the gho which is a knee length robe (similar to a kimono) that is tied at the waist by a small belt.

The great thing about the men’s outfit is that the belt creates a little fold which leaves them with a pouch where all the men seem to store their wallets, phones, keys and whatever else they need. So much more convenient than carrying a bag.

Do not miss trying out a gho or a kira.

Beautiful Gho and Kira
Beautiful Gho and Kira



Almost every dish you eat in Bhutan is cooked using organic ingredients.

Most houses in rural Bhutan have their own farms and it’s a pleasure to enjoy food made with quality fresh ingredients.

During my stay in Bhutan, I enjoyed some wonderful dishes but my absolute favorite remains ema datshi.

Ema Datshi
Ema Datshi

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Mountains guard, mountains keep, mountains whisper secrets to the closest acquaintance!

But to listen to them you must walk into their embrace. It is here that you go chasing angels or fleeing demons, and when you are there already you wake up to some of the most surreal views ever.

Haa Valley, nestled in the Himalayan land in Bhutan, is where nature looks its incredible best.

Haa Valley
Haa Valley

This trip to Bhutan takes you there. Check it out!


Try hard finding traffic lights, Western food chains, grumpy people, angry dogs, awful beer, boring architecture…

You won’t find any!

And, we couldn’t be happier about that.

But this is what you will find instead...
But this is what you will find instead…


Buddhism teachings are against killing any animals or beings therefore, most Buddhists are vegetarian or even vegan.

But Bhutanese are not vegans, they eat meat, a lot of it actually.

The solution?

They import all meat and fish from India.

No animal is slaughtered in Bhutan. The streets are filled with cows, yak, donkeys and the rivers bloated with fish. This must be the only country in the world where animals roam freely without any fears of being killed.

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