From Tina Turner to Orlando Bloom, Buddhism is getting traction. But why? Why travellers are flocking to India, Nepal and the latest spiritual destination, Bhutan? What is so special about this tiny Buddhist kingdom? After all, it has no traffic lights, yeah, you heard that right,  and fast food restaurants. But it has ancient temples, beautiful monasteries, organic food and plenty of local culture. If you’re wondering whether Bhutan should be your next holiday destination, here are 3 reasons why we think it should.

Untouched landscape.

Imagine peaceful, untouched landscapes, punctuated only by the sounds of its rich wildlife and gurgling rivers. Imagine a country filled with mountains, breathtakingly beautiful monasteries, rich with trekking trails for both inexperienced and more advanced hikers. This is Bhutan – the last true Illusion of Shangri-La. Here, more than 60 percent of the country is under forest cover, and a quarter of its territory has been designated as national parks or protected areas.

Meet “the precious one” at a traditional Himalayan festival.

rinpoche refers to “the precious one.” In Buddhism, it’s a way of showing respect for those recognized as reincarnated, older, respected, notable, or a renowned Lama. In Bhutan, travelers will encounter Buddhist festivals where rinpoches are present to bless the community members.

Mindfulness leads to gratefulness.

In the West, we have a complicated relationship with anxiety. We worry a lot, plan our future, cry over spilled milk.

But a trip to Bhutan has the potential to change all that. A trip to Bhutan heals your soul, energizes your spirit and brings peace and clarity to your mind. Being in Bhutan is being temporarily liberated from the stress and worries of life’s drama. Observing the Bhutanese allows each traveller to gain a different perspective on the meaning of life, on how all sentient beings are connected, and how we should always remember to live in the present. With every step you take you move your attention away from your anxious thoughts and towards something you are grateful for. Perhaps this is your grown kids , your  health or this holiday in such a remote place.  Step by step you learn to give thanks, to focus on the present and be grateful for what’s happening now. In Bhutan, you learn to walk slowly and purposefully with your gaze looking downward.

Ready to GetZen?

With its deep cultural roots, lush scenery and exclusivity, Bhutan is the perfect place for travelers who are looking for a truly one-of-a-kind spiritual journey. Check out these itineraries to Bhutan.