Travelling To The Himalayas Doesn’t Have To Mean Roughing It


Does the thought of traveling to the Himalayas and seeing incredible, heart-soaring wonders send a shiver of excitement up your spine?

Perhaps your soul draws you to remote destinations like Bhutan. A place lost in time, far away from the crowds.

Amazing Bhutan
Amazing Bhutan

Perhaps you’d like to hike to Tiger’s Nest, one of the world wonders, meet a Buddhist monk and gain new insights into Buddhism, see the most beautiful dzong in the Himalayas or join a colorful and vibrant Himalayan festival.

Changing of the guard
Changing of the guard

And yet you hesitate because “roughing it” isn’t exactly your style.

Qupido Travel has the perfect solution. With stunning accommodations, a private guide and driver tending to your every need, you’ll be in the lap of luxury as you float through some of the most wild and wonderful landscapes the world has to offer.

Beautiful accommodations Bhutan
Beautiful accommodations Bhutan

After gliding over the magnificent snow-caps of the mighty Himalayas, imagine waking up in a romantic oasis, surrounded by terraced rice fields sloping down into lush forests.

Imagine enjoying scrumptious all you can eat buffet-style meals, followed by spectacular hikes and mountain road drives.

Imagine playing archery using traditional bamboo bows and arrows,meditating with Buddhist monks, learning the secrets of traditional Bhutanese medicine, trying your hand at  thangka painting.

Another dzong... still you can't get tired of it
Another dzong… still you can’t get tired of it

Imagine standing still in The Palace of Great Happiness, lighting Tibetan butter lamps, reaching the legendary Tiger’s Nest, a magnificent, gravity-defying monastery clinging on a rock cliff 900 meters above the valley floor.

Tiger's Nest
Tiger’s Nest

There you have it: your dream holiday!

Don’t imagine it, come with us and experience life in a tiny mountain kingdom untouched by the modern world set amid the beautiful scenery of the Himalayas.

For 10 wonder-full days, you will feel different, happier. Far away from the daily grind, you will regain your peace.

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