Where To Go On Your Honeymoon


Sandy beaches, candle-lit dinners, couple spas — boring!

You want something different, something to write home about, something unforgettable … in every way and forever more … just like you are. Dear Frank, thank you, you were right.

And, you want luxury accommodations! Well, there is only one answer: BHUTAN!


5 Reasons Why Bhutan Is The Perfect Place For Your Honeymoon


Drink one of the best beer in the world

After a long day hiking the perfect end to the day is topping up with 11,000 strong dragons aka Druk Beer.

Every country has a national beer and Bhutan’s fine Druk aroma of light caramel and freshly cut grass is amazing. Druk means “thunder dragon” in Bhutanese and trust us, this is the beer you want!

Druk Beer
Druk Beer

Keep it intimate

Living in the Western world might be an adventure itself.

Co-existing with so many people around you is something you learn from very young age.

Dealing with dense and noisy neighborhoods or walking/driving on roads flocked by vehicles stuck in traffic jams is an art one never quite learns to enjoy.

When you reach Bhutan, you’ll notice the change. And you will love it. There were very few people around the streets of Bhutan. In fact, Bhutan’s population is less than a million people.

Bhutan came out of its self-imposed isolation in the 70s when the country opened its doors to tourists. Ever since, Bhutan has maintained a strict tourism policy restricting the number of visitors.

It is argued this makes tourism “low impact” in environmental and cultural terms, and helps preserve the unique magic of the place.

So, in addition to few locals, you’ll see fewer tourists, too.

Now, this is definitely what you want on your honeymoon!

This is the whole village? Yes!
This is the whole village? Yes!

You can’t stop thinking about … penises!

One of perhaps the most famous images of Bhutan, along with the photos of beautiful Tiger’s Nest, are the phalluses painted on the facade of many homes.

The images are supposed to fend off evil and were brought by the country’s strangest deity,The Divine Mad Man, an unconventional Buddhist teacher known for using jokes, ridicule and sarcasm to pass on the teachings of the Buddha.

He would only bless you or consider your asks if you were to bring him a bottle of wine and a beautiful woman.

Lean on me when you're not strong...
Lean on me when you’re not strong…

Happiness is in the air

It’s one of Bhutan’s most well-known claims to fame – measuring ‘success’ on the happiness of its people rather than Gross Domestic Product.

What does Gross National Happiness mean in real terms?

Preserving culture, protecting the environment, promoting sustainable socio-economic development and ‘Good Governance.’

The sign says..
The sign says..

Trek together to Dochula

You may wonder, what’s so romantic about a trek?

Well, when the trek leads to a location affording 200 miles of stunning and panoramic view of the Himalayan range, including Gangker Phunsum, the world’s highest unclimbed mountain, then it’s romantic for sure!

The snow-covered mountain peaks and the carpet of clouds below is breathtaking.


Remember, travelling to the Himalayas doesn’t mean roughing it. Join a Bhutan Tour and stay in luxury accommodations.

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